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Neurabody AI provides all the tools to assist you with your posture correction every step of the way.

Optimize your health

  • 360˚ posture monitoring and habit analysis

  • Visualized posture data in real time

  • Access detailed posture data anywhere at anytime


Keeping track of granular data

Our AIoT sensors enables granular data collection. Posture data with high accuracy are stored in the AI/ML platform where specific data can be analysed on demand.

Full-suite analytics solution

AI analyzes and processes your lifestyle posture data so that you can see your whole progress at once. AI provides you up-to-date posture data in detail and predicts the prospects of your posture in the future.


1:1 Personalized coaching customized just for you

With AI analyzed data, you can have consultations with specific experts who meet your particular postural lifestyle, to optimize your particular postural footprint.
The consultations are based on the progress that you have made and are targeted and organized for your benefit.


How AI works for your posture correction

AI creates the guidance for your posture improvements. 

AI keeps tracks of your posture progress as well as organizes 1:1 customized programs for you. You can also get notifications about the rewards when you reach the goal.


Based on
biofeedback science

Biofeedback gives you the ability to practice new ways to control your body, often to improve a health condition or physical performance.


Clinical trials have shown that enabling the alerts function on our sensors powered by our mobile app,

Reduced bad posture by 73%

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