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Subscribe to our 1:1 coaching or AI data analytics platform. We offer various programs customized for your particular postural footprint, and receive rewards and discounts for achieving your goals.

Launching march 2024


Subscribe to our premium service

Neurabody provides optimal premium services for users experiencing significant pain and in need of special care. Premium services entail 1:1 consultations with doctors or experts to provide customized exercises & programs for specific symptoms and goals.

Analyze your data

All-in-one posture data assessment

Neurabody's dashboard provides your posture progress at once. Customize your posture settings, and monitor real-time feedback according to your status, while receiving tips and recommendations based on your posture lifestyle data.


Customized solutions

AI selects your posture correction programs

AI analyzes your posture and recommends specific exercises customized just for you. 1:1 coaching programs helps you strengthen your muscles for better posture, so you can live life to the fullest.

Complete missions

Receive badges and tangible rewards to celebrate your milestones.

After completing daily goals and progress in your journey towards optimal posture health, badges and points are awarded. Badges and points recognize the achievements you have made.


Earning rewards

A variety of benefits and discounts for you

Your posture improvements will reward you with various tangible benefits. With the badges and points you've received, you can receive certain products and services at discounted prices or free of charge.

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