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Beta program

Neurabody is the cutting edge solution that seamlessly integrates into people's daily lives who experience back, neck and shoulder pain. As Neurabody envisions to relieve the world of pain, we aim to change the way the world sits, moves, and sleeps - one posture at a time. Join us and let's make our world a happier place and free the world of pain - together.

Full suite package service

Join us

With your feedback, we will continue to add new and exciting features

to our newly launched mobile app and improve the ergonomic functionality of the shirt, and other upcoming products & services in the pipeline. Nab a front row seat and get a sneak peak of our up and coming innovations.

AI coaching assistant

What our customers are saying


Great Products!

I can feel the shirt pulling my shoulders back and the sensor nudging me to sit up straight. I am currently using IOS, and excited to see more customized features on the app!

Christina D

Data-driven AI personalized programs

Through our mobile app, we analyze your entire 360° postural movements to assess and analyse your daily posture in real-time, track your posture habits and behavioral patterns to provide the most accurate AI-personalized training & coaching specific to your particular postural footprint.


"We are proud to be part of the Beta Community, 

and look forward to contributing our ongoing feedback for advancing Neurabody's innovation."


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